Where does Blattner build?

Energy knows no bounds.

Blattner Energy projects span all the markets we serve. Between solar, wind and energy storage, we’ve delivered over 400 energy projects across North America.

Converse County (Wyoming) Wind

Converse County (Wyoming) Wind, 519 MEGAWATTS

This three-phase wind energy project near Douglas, Wyoming, included the installation of 200 turbines while consisting of 75.8 miles of roads.

Andrews County (Texas) Solar

Andrews County (Texas) Solar, 520 MEGAWATTS

This solar project near Andrews, Texas, was completed in March 2021 and consisted of more than 2,700 acres of land.

Pecos County (Texas) Solar

Pecos County (Texas) Solar, 327 MEGAWATTS

The 327-megawatt solar energy project in Pecos County (Texas) consists of 20 miles of road, 87 foundations and the installation of 819,110 solar panels over 2,200 acres.

Fisher County (Texas) Wind

Fisher County (Texas) Wind, 419 MEGAWATTS

This wind energy project is in one of the windiest corridors of West Texas. Projects like this are a crucial part of creating a resilient future for the United States.

Weatherford (Oklahoma) Wind

Weatherford (Oklahoma) Wind, 998 MEGAWATTS

The 998-megawatt wind energy project is located in Custer and Blaine Counties near the town of Weatherford in North Central Oklahoma.

Crockett County (Texas) Wind

Crockett County (Texas) Wind, 500 MEGAWATTS

The 500-megawatt wind project is located in Crocket County near Ozona, Texas, and consisted of the installation of 180 wind turbines.

Kern County (California) Wind

Kern County (California) Wind, 1,547 MEGAWATTS

Upon the completion of Phase 9, the Kern County wind energy center eclipsed the 1-GW mark to become the largest wind farm in the United States.

Albany (Georgia) Solar

Albany (Georgia) Solar , 173 MEGAWATTS

This project is situated on nearly 1,200 acres and included the installation of 541,000+ solar panels.

New Orleans (Louisiana) BESS

New Orleans (Louisiana) BESS, 500kW/500kWh

This Louisiana energy storage project encompasses a 500kW/500kWh lithium ion BESS system, co-located and integrated with a 1 MWac solar project.

Taylor and Nolan Counties (Texas) Repower

Taylor and Nolan Counties (Texas) Repower, 770 MEGAWATTS

Located in Taylor and Nolan Counties, Texas, this project includes repowering a 2005 wind energy project.

CREZ (Texas) Transmission Line

CREZ (Texas) Transmission Line, 345 KILOVOLTS

A 227-mile 345kV Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ) transmission line in West Texas.

Arlington (Oregon) Wind

Arlington (Oregon) Wind, 845 MEGAWATTS

This 845-MW wind project spans more than 30 miles in the Pacific Northwest United States.

Limon (Colorado) Wind

Limon (Colorado) Wind, 600 MEGAWATTS

This three-phase project is the largest wind energy farm in Colorado.

Northern (Illinois) Energy Storage

Northern (Illinois) Energy Storage, 20 MEGAWATTS

One of the largest battery storage projects of it's kind in the world, supplying 20 MW of frequency regulation to Northern Illinois.

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