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As an industry-leading renewable energy service provider, we believe in accomplishing the impossible. We are driven to deliver solutions with excellence through collaboration, insight, integrity and certainty. Throughout our history, we've helped build the infrastructure that supports the United States. 


Leading America To A Clean Energy Future.

What does it mean to honor our history while keeping our eyes set on the future? It means never forgetting the relationships we’ve built, the paths we’ve carved, the innovations we’ve made. The future is one where sustainability and renewable energy are the norm. 

Our future is bright.

  • 2017 Happy anniversary

    Blattner celebrates its 110th anniversary being in business. The company receives nationwide acclaim, being named the top solar contractor in the U.S. by Solar Power World magazine and receiving the Seven Seals Award from Employer Support of the Guard Reserve (ESGR).

  • 2013 Megawatt milestone

    Blattner crossed the milestone of building more than 20,000 megawatts of wind energy, an accomplishment no other contractor in the world could claim at that time.

  • 2009 Here comes the sun

    The formation of Blattner Energy provides a pathway to focus on our mission to provide an experience like no one else in the industry. At the same time, our capabilities expand to include solar power services.

  • 1997 Enter the energy era

    At the turn of the millennium, Blattner’s proficiency for earthmoving, structural concrete, steel erection and subcontractor management converged in a market that required all four areas of expertise: electrical power generation.

  • 1993 Return to railroad

    Working for Union Pacific and other North American railroads allowed Blattner to return to its roots. Blattner’s expertise handling civil works projects gave the Avon, MN company an advantage in working on complex track construction projects across the American West. The Blattner reputation for handling tough projects with aggressive schedules endeared itself to railroad owners.

  • 1980 The romance of mining

    Mining was one of the opportunities that allowed Blattner to transition from the phase-out of interstate highway construction to an activity that placed a premium on the firm's earth-moving expertise. Blattner developed a comfort level in working with privately owned mining companies after decades of bidding government highway and dam projects. Blattner earned a reputation for handling tough logistical projects in the American West, Alaska and Mexico.

  • 1967 Dam construction

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the United States Bureau of Reclamation developed flood-control and navigation projects to dam the rivers of the American West. Joint venture projects continued with Johnson Brothers. The third generation completed its acquisition of the business from the second generation.

  • 1956 Interstate highways

    The federal government embarked upon the largest public works project in the history of the U.S. Third generation Blattners undertook more complex interstate highway projects for the Minnesota Highway Department.

  • 1945 State highway work

    Third generation Blattners took on more elaborate projects for the Minnesota Highway Department. Blattner utilized new equipment for road projects. The business moved from Sauk Rapids to Albany.

  • 1942 The ALCAN Highway

    Blattner answered the call to colors. Bill Sr., Ervin and Barney readied equipment for a rail haul to Northern British Columbia to help build the ALCAN Highway, and Ervin led a contingent of Blattner veterans to a construction site north of Dawson Creek, British Columbia.

  • 1930 D.H. Blattner & Sons was formed

    The company’s first job was a road-grading project in Benton County’s Granite Ledge Township.

  • 1923 County and township work

    County and township work included work on the Illinois Central Railroad in Kentucky.

  • 1908 The early years

    The early railroad period lasted until about 1916. Noteworthy railroad jobs include Montana’s High Line, the Great Northern Spur to British Columbia and the Great Northern Railway’s Surrey Cutoff.

  • 1907 Where it all started

    D.H. Blattner & Sons was founded in 1907 by David Henry (D.H.) Blattner, under the name D.H. Blattner & Co. Railway Contractors. Blattner and his crew quickly established a reputation for quality and innovative work.

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