Opportunity on every path.

We take on big challenges.

Every employee at Blattner Energy learns what it means to work up and to the right. They take ownership of their work, solve problems, work together, and deliver beyond expectations. When you’re a member of the team, of our team, everything you do makes a difference. 

Blattner employees are experts in their fields. They are leaders. Innovators. Changemakers. Our approach to training and development supports every employee, and we love promoting from within.


Moving up and to the right.

Curious about what your career path could look like at Blattner? As builders and innovators, we always keep our sights set on the future. At Blattner, moving up and to the right is a focus for every employee. It signifies learning, growth and development.

Here are some career paths of current employees. As you’ll see, where you start and where you end up can have a vast difference.

Man working

Careers for years.

Employee training and development reaches beyond what’s required to complete a day’s work. Some employees come to Blattner with the foundation to excel at in-demand positions. Others build their foundation while working here. And both categories belong at Blattner. 

Our focus is on building up and supporting employees as they grow and meet their personal and professional goals. We offer countless opportunities for employee development and leadership training.


Preparation is key.

Employees receive thorough training, both job-specific and jobsite-specific. All training is documented, and training records are constantly reviewed, maintained and updated. 

Training sessions are essential to maintaining a safe, effective jobsite. They are proactively planned by management.

You belong at Blattner.