Unmatched solar performance.

Experience industry-leading solar construction.

The need for renewable energy has never been greater, and the opportunity is now. Within every solar project, Blattner Energy focuses on driving down the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and maximizing our client’s long-term investment. At Blattner, our clients experience ease alongside solar expertise.

Solar Power World Top Solar Contractor Blattner 2022

Solar expertise.

As a premier utility-scale contractor with decades of energy experience and a foundation grounded in construction, we self-perform the full scope of solar services. In every phase, we communicate the impact of decisions, foresee and mitigate potential problems and ensure control over safety, quality, schedules and productivity. In 2022, we were again named a Top Solar Contractor by Solar Power World. 

Our approach.

When you partner with us on a renewable energy project, we bring an unwavering commitment to quality, safety and efficiency. Here’s what clients can expect:

A Better Construction Experience®

Before a project starts, we focus on the experience and service our clients deserve and ultimately receive.

Focused on your needs

Our teams focus on what you need to be successful while bidding, building and after the project.

Added value at every stage

With a century of construction experience, we combine historical data, references and every bit of our experience into each project plan.

Solutions, not excuses

When the unexpected arises, we take responsibility and bring solutions to the table.

Demand for safety and quality

Throughout the construction stages, we ensure clients and employees are provided with industry-leading safe workplaces that deliver quality products. This is achieved with our behavior-based programs.

Our Lean Advantage

Blattner’s Lean Advantage is our ingenuity in action. We seek efficiencies and opportunities on every project to provide even more value.

Receive certainty ahead of schedule

As timelines tighten, we adjust resources, adapt to each project’s unexpected challenges and communicate every step of the way.

A relationship built to last

In terms of relationships, a project in post-construction is still just the beginning. We maintain client partnerships for decades.

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Solar project capabilities.

Project Feasibility
  • Land optimization 
  • Site assessment
  • Project budgets
  • Financing
  • Regulatory work
  • Panel layout
  • Complete design
  • Performance analysis and guarantees
  • Estimating
  • Environmental work
  • Site and soils investigation
  • Permitting procurement
Material Procurement
  • Purchase and management
  • Transportation, receiving and inspection
  • Inventory control and onsite logistics
  • Project management 
  • Schedule management
  • Site development 
  • Foundation and racking installation
  • Module installation
  • DC and AC collection systems
  • Monitoring/Control networks installation
  • Substations
  • Transmission line installation
  • O&M buildings
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Safety is a mindset.

Ensuring the highest levels of quality control, assurance and safety requires more than policies and checklists. As one of the few renewable energy contractors in the world committed to a behavior-based safety program, we integrate safety into everything we do. This is what makes Blattner different and places us in the top 5% of TRIR in the construction industry.

The safety of every renewable energy project starts with competent, highly trained supervisors and craft personnel. By upholding our formal quality system, we bring consistency to every approach, process, output and long-term system that goes into an energy project. 

You can’t have a successful project without it also being a safe project. And at Blattner, we deliver successful projects.

Employee in the field

Create a solar superhighway.

By providing full power delivery services as part of our solar projects, we eliminate extra opportunities for setbacks. After all, any time clients can work with a single contractor as opposed to two, they’re reducing the chances for pushed deadlines and budgetary pressures. 

Whether a project has transmission or substation construction needs, we can deliver.

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