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Never compromise safety.

Our passion really shines in our approach to safety. Ensuring our employees make it home safely is our responsibility. And we’ve developed a safety program that delivers. By intertwining safety throughout all levels of Blattner, we ensure every employee is part of the plan. With an integrated, all-encompassing approach to safety, we achieve excellent safety outcomes. We:

  • Invest in and develop safety professionals
  • Empower all team members to be responsible for their own safety and the safety of their team members
  • Ensure employees are properly trained before beginning their work
  • Foster a culture of safety

By including all employees as part of the plan, we foster collaboration and intertwined safety at all levels. We plan, do, assess and act. And with proven results, it works. 

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Quality control, rest assured.

Blattner’s quality system ensures the highest levels of quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) on every project. Starting with competent supervisors and craft personnel, our formal quality system ensures consistency in our approach, process, output and long-term system reliability.

Our QA/QC initiatives include:

  • Timely benchmarking 
  • Third-party testing and inspections
  • Internal auditing programs
  • Daily collection and distribution of lessons learned
  • Dedicated QA/QC individuals on every project
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All about attitude.

Blattner is one of the few contractors in the world committed to a behavior-based safety program. C.A.T.S. (Changing Attitudes Towards Safety) helps create safe work environments with a no-name, no-blame approach. An approach that empowers employees and instills within them the confidence to take action, safely.

By arming employees with the skills to recognize and address safety issues, C.A.T.S. effectively makes a safety advocate out of every individual. 

As an employee-led program, C.A.T.S. empowers employees to achieve safety. And we have them to thank for Blattner’s excellent safety record.

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Employees support safety and quality.

The effectiveness of a safety program hinges on the training of every employee. At Blattner, all employees receive thorough training, both job-specific and jobsite-specific. Every training is documented and individual training records are constantly reviewed, maintained and updated. Training sessions are essential to maintaining a safe, effective jobsite. They are proactively planned by management.

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