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We build certainty.

And that starts with our approach to construction. When you partner with us on renewable energy projects, we bring an unwavering commitment to quality, safety and efficiency. Here's what clients can expect:

• A Better Construction Experience®—Before a project starts, we focus on the experience and service our clients deserve and ultimately receive. 
• Focused on Your Needs—Our teams focus on what you need to be successful while bidding, building and after the project.
• Added Value at Every Stage—With a century of construction experience, we combine historical data, references and every bit of our experience into each project plan.
• Solutions, Not Excuses—When the unexpected arises, we take responsibility and bring solutions to the table.
• Demand for Safety and Quality—Throughout the construction stages, we ensure clients and employees are provided with industry-leading safe workplaces that deliver quality products. This is achieved with our behavior-based programs.
• Our Lean AdvantageBlattner’s Lean Advantage is our ingenuity in action. We seek efficiencies and opportunities on every project to provide even more value.
• Receive Certainty Ahead of ScheduleAs timelines tighten, we adjust resources, adapt to each project’s unexpected challenges and communicate every step of the way.
• A Relationship Built to LastIn terms of relationships, a project in post-construction is still just the beginning. We maintain client partnerships for decades.


Energy knows no bounds.

Blattner Energy projects span all the markets we serve. Between solar, wind and energy storage, we’ve delivered over 400 energy projects across North America.

Kern County CA Wind Energy Center

Kern County CA Wind Energy Center, 1,547-MW

Upon the completion of Phase 9, the Kern County wind energy center eclipsed the 1-GW mark to become the largest wind farm in the United States.

Albany GA Solar Project

Albany GA Solar Project, 173-MW

This project is situated on nearly 1,200 acres and included the installation of 541,000+ solar panels.

New Orleans LA BESS Project

New Orleans LA BESS Project, 500kW/500kWh

This Louisiana energy storage project encompasses a 500kW/500kWh lithium ion BESS system, co-located and integrated with a 1 MWac solar project.

Taylor and Nolan Counties TX Repower

Taylor and Nolan Counties TX Repower, 770-MW

Located in Taylor and Nolan Counties, Texas, this project includes repowering a 2005 wind energy project.

Orla TX Solar Project

Orla TX Solar Project, 130-MW

Spanning 500 acres in Western Texas, this project included the installation of panels, tracking systems and a substation.

CREZ TX Transmission Line

CREZ TX Transmission Line, 345-kV

A 227-mile 345kV Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ) transmission line in West Texas.

Arlington OR Wind Energy Center

Arlington OR Wind Energy Center, 845-MW

This 845-MW wind project spans more than 30 miles in the Pacific Northwest United States.

Limon CO Wind Energy Center

Limon CO Wind Energy Center, 600-MW

This three-phase project is the largest wind energy farm in Colorado.

Northern IL Energy Storage

Northern IL Energy Storage, 20-MW

One of the largest battery storage projects of it's kind in the world, supplying 20 MW of frequency regulation to Northern Illinois.