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Meet the largest wind farm in the U.S.

Blattner Energy constructed phases 2-11 of the largest wind farm in the United States, completing all phases on or ahead of schedule.

In 2012, the Alta Wind Energy Center eclipsed the 1-GW mark, becoming the largest wind farm in the U.S. Over the next year, the project underwent phases 10-11, bringing its total capacity to 1,547-MW. 

As the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor, Blattner constructed 142 miles of access roads, 390 Vestas V90’s, 41 GE 1.7-MW and 55 GE 2.85-MW turbines and foundations, 237 miles of underground collection, more than 30 miles of 230-kV transmission line and built six substations and a switchyard to support the project.

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Achievements: Overcoming challenges.

Completing phases 2-11 of the Alta Wind Energy Center project came with some unique challenges. 

  • Meeting the stringent permitting regulations with the project’s county 
  • Fulfilling more than 90 mitigation measures prior to the issuance of permits on Phase 2
  • Successfully managing the presence of endangered species in and around the project area, including installing multiple miles of temporary fencing
  • Overcoming numerous multi-month delays in owner permitting and component deliveries to meet or beat accelerated schedules
  • Successfully working on public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (during Phase 10)

Our team met all of these challenges and overcame them to complete each project phase on time or ahead of schedule.

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